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What Makes Us Different

DL Sanders LLC is dedicated to the provision of exemplary service to our clients. Our commitment to you means we will stand with you every step of the way as the requested services is processed and dispensed to completion. We work to assist people understand what they need to do in order to get the best coverage or enjoy a good retirement. Our services are not limited to any specific age group but are available to all.

Committed, Motivated to best service possible!

Our Services

Medicare Coverage

We are helping thousands of Americans such as yourself secure medicare coverage to prevent you from financing crippling medical debt

Vision Coverage

To ensure that all our clients have reliable vision insurant that can cater to their medical expenses and check ups

Dental Insurance

We provide our clients with a direct link to affordable and quality dentistry across American. Regain your smile today.

Life Insurance

Protect your family from adverse loss in case of your passing by procuring a life insurance policy

Health Insurance

We work towards the provision of low premium health care coverage that will ensure all medical requirements are catered for.

Retirement Assistance

DL Sanders LLC is committed to the provision of great retirement assistant services such as housing options and pension plans.

DL Sanders LLC is the Solution

Our Services are Described as Follows

Insurance is a process that can only be achieved through commitment to client welfare and overall societal well-being. Hence, we ensure our coverage policies are comprehensive and ease to collect claims on. While Retirement assistance services are centered on the provision of pension options that will generate sufficient returns in future to meet household expenses. Secondly, Our insurance services assists members of the community decide on the best policy for them based on their work and living situation. For example, one retiree can opt to get general health insurance because he or she is self employed; while another may choose to get dental and vision insurance since their employment covers general insurance. Lastly, we help our clients get affordable housing and medical insurance that will allow them to enjoy their years after retirement.

Pst. Darnell Jackson

Pst. Darnell Jackson

Is a husband, father to four children, and a pastor at the New Life Apostolic Church. He has worked in the ministry for more than 21 years. In his white collar experience Pst. Darnell has worked 6 years in insurance and 2 years in marketing. Due to his extensive experience with working in the community he clearly understands the needs of future retirees and insurance seekers. Because of his deep seeded love for people, pst. Darnell went and got licensed & ordained by PCAFI a subsidiary of Mass Mutual in order to deliver the desired services to all Americans.

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